Building the Church in Wales...

For the past three years, the Elliotts have been working to establish Capital City Church in Cardiff, Wales.  Two years on, Cap City is firmly established and the Elliott family are headed back to the US for 12 months of fundraising and networking.  They will return in 2015 to continue work with Cap City and to plant another church in South Wales.

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Raising Up Leaders

The goal is not to start a church and be a pastor for 30 years.  The goal is to plant several churches, each one locally led and resourced.  To do this, we hope to meet, train, and mentor new leaders in Wales and beyond.

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About the Elliotts

A beautiful lady.  A big bloke.  Four amazing children.  All compelled to start churches in Wales.  More of their story here.


Capital City Church

What started in the Elliotts’ living room in 2012 has blossomed into a thriving congregation.  Students, young families, professionals, and international visitors are calling Cap City “their” church.  Why?  Solid biblical teaching, great music, and an incredible sense of community.

The Vison

Developing new churches in post-Christian Britain, raising up new leaders, and inspiring others to do the same.

Assemblies of God World Missions

The Assemblies of God is committed to making Jesus known in all parts of the world.  Reaching people, planting churches, training leaders, and touching lives, we believe the message and mercy of Christ can be communicated and lived out in all cultures.

The Call is great…

Many people in America have only heard of Wales in passing conversations about the United Kingdom.  Some think it is nothing more than a “county in England.”  Wales is, in fact, a country in its own right, separate from England just as Scotland and Northern Ireland are separate political entities.  It’s a place of majestic mountains, verdant valleys, gray skies, and gracious people.  Despite its great spiritual heritage, faith in God has plummeted in recent decades, and Wales now is often referred to as the most irreligious in all of Great Britain.

  • No Religion 33%
  • Attend Church 3.5%







You can help us establish new churches and train local leaders.

You can pray.  You can give.  You can book a missions service.