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“Why plant a church in a country that has churches?”  

   We get that question sometimes, and it’s a good one.  Does the UK really need new churches?  Yes it does.

   The church, at least in its most conventional form, is suffering from great decline in Britain, and particularly in Wales.  Hundreds of church buildings across the country have been closed down and either renovated for another use, or sit empty.  Those that haven’t closed have an average attendance of under 20 and an average age topping sixty five.  But even if the numbers were better, there would still need to be more churches.  Why?  Think about it.  For every ill of the world, the Church stands in its way.  Disease and famine?  The Church has been building hospitals and feeding the needy for centuries.  Human trafficking?  Social media is a flurry with Christians standing up, standing against, giving, and supporting efforts to end this evil.  When people come to faith in Christ, their hearts are changed and their efforts are focused on making a better world.  In short, their are still people who need this heart change.  We believe more need to hear the message of Jesus and to grow in their faith.  The local church is the most effective way to reach the most people in all parts of the world.

More churches, smaller numbers.

  We do not want to plant the next megachurch.  If our churches grow to immense numbers, praise God.  The question we ask ourselves is, “What’s more effective, one church of 5,000 people, or 50 churches of 100 people?”  We believe that planting more churches in smaller numbers will better reach cities, campuses, villages, and towns.  

We’ve already planted one church.  Our next term will bring three more churches online in Wales.

   We did not move to Wales to plant “our” church.  We want to develop new works, disciple young leaders, then enable each church to be locally led and resourced.