During our year of itineration, we will be speaking at churches and events across the country.  If you would like for us to come and share about the need for new churches in the United Kingdom, just fill out the information below.  We will get back to you very soon!

Book a Service


What can we expect if you come to our church?

We are very flexible.  If we have the entire teaching time, we will share updates on the work that we have been doing for the last three years (video, etc.), after which will be preaching/teaching from the Scriptures.  We are happy to give a shorter presentation as well.  We promise to limit our missions “windows” to your specifications.  If you tell us five minutes…you’ll get five minutes!

Can you help with other aspects of our service?

Absolutely! If you would like someone to share with the children or youth, just ask! We’d be glad to accommodate. We are also a family of musicians, so if you would like additional musicians with your worship teams (drums, guitars, vocals) we are happy to join in! If your worship leader would like a break, we can arrange to lead the worship time, as well. Please confirm ahead of time.

Do you do midweek events?

Often times, people respond really well to a more informal Q & A about missions. This happens in small groups, home groups, special fellowship dinners, etc. We would be very open to arranging this, especially if it helps further your church’s vision of expanding its heart for missions.

Can you preach?

Some people may think this an odd question, but it’s one we get sometimes, especially from churches that have never hosted us before. We understand it fully. As a pastor, you want to guard the trust that your church has placed with you. You want to your teaching/preaching time to be valuable and valued by your congregation. We’re the same way with our church in Wales. We are very comfortable speaking before groups. If you would like more assurance, please visit this link for audio recordings of Bryan teaching. We can also provide references upon request.

What are you expecting?

Glad you asked! A missions/love offering is always welcome, though not required. We have a certain level of cash to raise, and these offerings (while also covering our travel expenses) are added to that account. We also need to raise an additional $2500 in monthly faith commitments. We would ask that you please consider our ministry when your board convenes to allocate support. A time of prayer for our ministry and our family during the service would also be very welcome!

What if we are a small church with little missions giving?

One of the best ways to spur your congregation on to greater giving is to help them see the need. We’ve received calls before from pastors saying, “We don’t have much to give, but I really want our people to hear from missionaries. Can you come?” If we can make it work on our calendar, we will do our best to be there. Our heart is not only for our mission, but also to help pastors tell the missions story. Please don’t let your budget limitations keep you from contacting us.  Email or call today!!